Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

  • Is the speciality of dentistry that includes the diagnosis and surgical and adjunctive treatment of   diseases,injuries, and defects, including both the functional and esthetic aspects of the hard and soft tissues   of theoral and maxillofacial regions.
  • Here at ASG Dental hospital, we essentially deals with the treatment of all these conditions.

    Mainly we will talk here about the dental extractions and impactions, dental implants, facial fractures and there treatment.



Dental extraction:

What is dental extraction ?
Dental extraction is the removal of a tooth from the mouth. Extractions are performed for a wide variety of reasons, including tooth decay that has destroyed enough tooth structure to render the tooth non restorable.

What are the most common reasons for extraction of tooth? 

  1. Severe tooth decay or infection.
  2. Extra teeth which are blocking other teeth from coming in.
  3. Severe gum disease.
  4. For orthodontic treatment (braces).
  5. Teeth in fracture line.
  6. Fractured teeth.
  7. Insufficient space for wisdom teeth (impacted third molar), extraction of which also called as impaction.
  8. Cosmetic teeth; teeth of poor appearance, unsuitable for restoration.
  9. Receiving radiation to the head and neck  may require extraction of teeth in the field of radiation.


Dental implants:

What is dental implant ?
Replacement of teeth that look and feel like your own. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that a specialized dental surgeon places into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. Dental implants are an ideal option for people in good general oral health who lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease,
an injury , or some other reason.

  1. Dental implants are teeth that can look and feel just like your own!
  2. Under proper conditions, such as placement by a periodontist and diligent
    patient maintenance, implants can last a lifetime.
What dental implants can do ?

  1. Replace one or more teeth without affecting bordering teeth.
  2. Support a bridge and eliminate the need for a removable partial denture.
  3. Provide support for a denture, making it more secure and comfortable.


What are advantages of dental implants over dentures or bridges ?

  1. Esthetic
  2. Tooth shaping
  3. Confidence
  4. Reliable




 Facial fractures and there management

What is facial trauma or facial fracture ?
Facial trauma also called maxillofacial trauma, is any physical trauma to the face. Facial trauma can involve soft tissue  injuries such as burns, lacerations and bruises, or fractures of  the facial bones such as nasal fractures and fractures of the jaw, as well as trauma such as eye injuries.

 What can be the different causes for facial trauma ?

  1. Injury mechanisms such as falls, assaults, sports injuries, and vehicle crashes are common causes of facial trauma in children as well adults.
  2. Blunt assaults, blows from fists or objects, are a common cause of facial injury.
  3. It can also result from wartime injuries such as gun shots and blasts, animal attacks and work related injuries.


How is facial trauma managed ?
Depending on the type of facial injury, treatment may include bandaging and suturing of open wounds, administration of ice, antibiotics and pain killers, moving bones back into place and plated, and surgery. When fractures are suspected, radiography is used for diagnosis. Treatment may also be necessary for other injuries such as traumatic brain injury, which commonly accompany facial trauma.