Orthodontics is the branch of Science and the art of dentistry which deals with the development and positional anomalies of the teeth and the jaws as they affect oral health and the physical, esthetic and mental well being of the person. It is a special branch of dentistry which deals with the alignment of the teeth. 

Emphasis is laid on the maintenance of oral, physical and mental health of patient and also his/her esthet’s.

Braces (Orthodontic Treatment)

First conversation 

During this visit the patient is examined clinically by our Orthodontist. This enables him to give advice on the following :

  1. Treatment options available,
  2. When treatment should commence,
  3. The duration of treatment,
  4. The approximate cost.

 If the patient decides to proceed with treatment, an appointment is made to collect records.

Records include:

  1. Impressions from which plaster models of the teeth are constructed.
  2. Photographs of the teeth and face.
  3. X-rays of the teeth and jaws. 

Records allow the orthodontist to analyze each case accurately. They are also used to record the existing malocclusion for future reference.

Extractions and other preliminary procedures

Sometimes it is necessary to remove teeth to gain sufficient space to align the remaining teeth. Any decayed teeth should be filled and the teeth sometimes need to be cleaned before orthodontic treatment is started.



  Metal (Stainless steel)                           




Tooth colored (ceramic)




Braces on the inner side of the tooth (lingual braces) 





Transparent trays (clear aligner therapy) for mild malocclusions 






Fitting the braces usually involves two visits. Braces remain on the teeth for the entire duration of treatment. Patients then attend approximately every 4-8 weeks for adjustments, wire changes, etc.