Why us

Today dental care is not just about treatment, it is about a positive experience which is also about lifestyle, looks and overall wellness at ASG Dental you will be welcomed to a comfortable seating with soothing music while you wait for your treatment. Most of Our customers come to us because we do not fall into a traditional clinical set up which is fear inducing . We have an OT and 3 state of the art treatment rooms, which are completely separate to ensure total privacy during the treatment procedures.

The doctors at ASG Dental Hospital come with EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE from AIIMS (New Delhi). They have been trained and certified by Indias most reputed institutes with expertise matching the best in the world . The expert team has a vast experience in the field of dentistry. Here you are assured of being treated by an experienced team delivering the best care. The treatment here will be a pleasant experience with the help of the latest in dental technology in a serene and caring environment .

At ASG Dental Hospital – we practice painless dentistry with the help of efficient anaesthetics. Most of the procedures like root canals, extractions and implants are totally painless here. We extend a warm welcome to all patients who postpone visiting the dentist for the fear of pain .

We have quality controls at every level to make the treatment safe. SOURCING OF MATERIALS USED – We use only internationally approved dental materials from top brands from European countries and U.S.A which are CE or F.D.A approved .

LAB WORK : We associate with only renowned and top quality labs for our ceramic work. We also ensure that the labs use only the materials which are approved . That shows in the final result and appearance of our crowns and veneers.

STERILIZATION : We understand the dangers of cross infection in today’s world of HIV and HEPATITIS. So, we strictly adhere to the protocol of infection control and sterilization to protect you from cross infection.

QUALITY OVER QUANTITY : The quality control also happens at the level of the number of patients we see on a given day . We prefer to deliver hi- quality care to a limited number of patients a day than dilute the quality of care by taking in more people . That differentiates our practice from a regular practice. You are assured of undivided attention by the doctors with your treatment here.

We practice holistic dentistry which involves the following things:

  1. No nickel metal frame works in crowns and bridges.
  2. No silver amalgam fillings. No acid based etchants in composite fillings.
  3. No silver cones in ROOT CANALS.
  4. Less radiation with digital x-RAYS.
  5. Metal free restorations with glass ceramic and zirconium oxide.
  6. Safe removals of amalgam with the use of hi vacuum suction .